• Cerro de Monserrate

    Carrera 2 Este No. 21-48 Paseo Bolívar .

    The Cerro de Monserrate is the best known of the eastern hills of Bogotá. Along with Guadalupe is one of the tutelary hills of the city. Located to the east of the Colombian Capital District, it is one of the most recognizable formations of the Bogotá savanna, as well as one of the symbols of the city. Monserrate has an altitude of 3,152 m and is located on the eastern mountain range. The hills of Bogotá, of sedimentary origin, are at least 16 million years old, with Cretaceous rocks belonging to the Guadalupe Group, in terms of geological appearance.

  • Catedral de Sal de Zipaquira

    Parque De La Sal, Zipaquirá, Cundinamarca, Colombia .

    The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá is considered one of the most notable architectural and artistic achievements of Colombian architecture, which is why it has even been awarded the title of architectural jewel of modernity. Inside there is a rich artistic collection, especially salt and marble sculptures in an environment full of a deep religious sense that attracts tourists.

  • Parque 93

    Parque 93, Calle 93, Bogota, Colombia .

    Parque de la 93 is a tourist park in the north of Bogotá. between 93 A and 93 B streets and between 11 A and 13 races, in the El Chico sector.

    A wide variety of bars, restaurants, cafes and ice cream parlors are grouped around the park. Gato Negro, El Sitio, Café Renault and the Juan Valdez store, these are the places most visited by tourists and locals. It is also the scene of cultural and recreational events over the years.

    The nightlife of the sector is very active because it brings together various music and recreation venues. It is characterized by its open green and wooded areas.

  • Plaza de Bolivar

    Plaza de Bolívar de Bogotá, Carrera 7, Bogota, Colombia .

    The Plaza de Bolívar is the main square of the city of Bogotá and Colombia. It is located in the center of the city, between Seventh and Eighth races with Tenth and Eleventh streets. Around it are some of the main buildings of the city: to the north the Palace of Justice, to the south the National Capitol, to the east the Cathedral Basilica Metropolitana de Bogotá and Primada de Colombia, the House of the Ecclesiastical Council, the Capilla del Sagrario from the Metropolitan Basilica Cathedral and the Archbishop's Palace and to the west the Liévano Palace, seat of the Mayor's Office of Bogotá, and to the southeast the Colegio Mayor de San Bartolomé (Bogotá) of the Jesuits.